This past weekend my husband and I got to spend 24 hours of kid free fun together. It was fucking awesome! It’s the first time we’ve left both boys overnight, so I was a little unsure how things would pan out, but I pushed the mom guilt aside real quick.

We went to Orange County for the night to a music festival – SOULQUARIUS – need I say more?! Mind blown. I mean Erykah Badu, Ja Rule and Ashanti…there are just no words to describe how soul cleansing the whole experience was.

But let me back up a bit. So, I texted my mom to check up on the boys and was sent this.

My oldest sulking by the window sill, holding a photo of his dad and I. This gesture really made me see him in a different light. I’ve always known he’s had a sensitive side to him, but this really put everything into perspective. I mean just when you think you know someone, (especially a tiny human that came out of your body), they surprise you in the most simplest of ways.

The festival was amazing, and the next morning was even better because we all woke up without a hangover. We decided to head down to the Anaheim Packing District and I’m positive I ate my body weight in food that morning. It was deliciously disgusting and on the way to the outlet mall I totally had to unbutton my pants. No shame.

We weren’t able to get great photos, but that’s kind of what happens when you’re busy having fun. We experienced a kind gesture from our fellow music enthusiasts (thank you again, kind strangers, I promise to pay it forward this week), we ate and drank our heads off, but more importantly we filled up our love tank. We had the most incredible time together, but as all good things must come to end, we ended coming back home to two semi sick boys.


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