Sundays are for Scavenger Hunts!

I’m convinced the full moon brought out all kinds of crazy in my boys. So, I figured the best cure for all the madness was to keep busy and remain outdoors.

There are several trails nearby I’ve been meaning to check out for years now, so I decided to do a scavenger hunt with the boys to scope out the scene. Best idea ever!

We had so much fun! I had the boys looking for different colored leaves, flowers, sticks, bark, spider webs, and of course their favorite…rocks. They would’ve brought home 2 bags worth if I let them!

It was also a really great learning opportunity. My oldest took an interest in spiders and webs and we were actually lucky enough to find one spinning its web. So, we stopped to watch Β for a bit and I explained what was going on and answered any questions he had.

I’m all about encouraging learning through play, so this was such a simple yet meaningful activity, that helped engage all of our senses. After collecting our goodies, we brought them home and made sun catchers with them.

What you’ll need:

  • Contact paper
  • Goodies from your scavenger hunt
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Paint, crayons, markers are optional

I cut a hole in the paper plate and put contact paper over it. Then I let the boys decorate however they wanted. There were a couple things we had to tape down and secure, but I love all the tiny imperfections! We still have to paint and hang them up, but we had such a great time!


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