San Diego River Clean Up

Although they are still little, we want to teach our boys the value of giving back to others and their community. We want to encourage the boys to have empathy towards other and to appreciate and be grateful for the things they have.  We want show them they can make a difference in someone’s life or in this world by doing small, yet significant, things that can have an impact.

Since the boys love being outdoors and are quite active, we decided to volunteer at the San Diego River Clean Up to pick up litter. With their gloves and trash pickers in hand, we took this as an opportunity to turn it into a fun little game and had them try to find different shapes, colors and describe the texture of items they found. The boys ran around for a few hours searching for litter to throw into their trash bags. We were quite surprised at how excited they were about it.

Overall, it was a great experience for the boys. They learned how trash should be put into  trash cans or be recycled and how harmful littering can be to the environment, the people, and animals that live in it. We hope this is an experience they will remember and be excited to help our community and others in the future.


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