Friday Night Dance Party!!!

I’m naturally not a crafty person. It’s never been enjoyable or relaxing and it’s always felt more like a chore. Plus, I’ve never really been good at it.

Since having my boys, I’ve tried to make a big effort to change that. It’s been a slow progression, but the older they get the more I’m learning to enjoy it. There’s something very rewarding about being able to ย just…create.

I’m all about simplicity. By no means do I have a craft room, or closet, or even box. So I try to pick projects we can do by using what we have at home.

Last night we made maracas! They were quick and easy and made for a really fun dance party.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Plastic eggs
  • Tape
  • Rice, granola, beans or whatever else you can find around the house.

The boys filled their eggs with rice, granola, and beans. Well, my oldest did, my youngest was more interested in eating everything. We placed the egg in between the two spoons. I held the spoons together while my oldest wrapped tape around them and voila a maraca!

Simple, easy, and super fun! They even took them on our Starbucks run this morning and entertained the baristas.



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