Summer Fun in Cancun!

A week ago today we were in Cancun…swimming with dolphins, repelling down cenotes, zip lining, floating in crystal clear blue waters, and sipping on unlimited amounts of fruity cocktails, with not a care in the world. It was HEAVEN. Literally, heaven, and I can’t seem to bring myself back to reality.

This was our first big family vacation with the boys. And when I say family, that includes Christina and her 30 plus family members, which I am beyond thankful for, because it allowed us to spend a little time together alone, without the kids.

We decided to go the all inclusive route to keep it mellow and comfortable for all of us. Best decision ever. Typically during our travels, we’re all about the food…and of course the adventure, but traveling with toddlers changes a lot. We wanted to keep our schedule as flexible as possible and just go with the flow.

Of course there were tons of bumps along way. It was hot and humid with many napless days, so obviously tempers ran high, for all of us. It was exhausting to say the least, but so worth it! The moments of joy in between the tears and meltdowns were unforgettable. I mean seriously, it’s one for the books. Being able to spend a solid week with the people I love most, was totally refreshing. I think it’s what we all needed. To just recharge and reconnect with one another. I feel a breathe of fresh air within myself and new sense of appreciation. These good vibes I’ve been feeling lately, I’m not letting anyone kill any time soon.

I was lucky enough to be able to take family vacations every summer as kid and it’s a tradition I want to continue doing with my own family, regardless of the challenges. I mean I was totally the mom on the plane with the screaming, crying, barfing toddler who nearly brought me to tears, but this is my life at the moment, and I refuse to let it hold me back or wish my toddlers were teenagers just because I’m inconveniencing a few un compassionate strangers. Call me whatever you want, but you’re all doing you, so I’ll just be over here doing me, with my strong willed toddlers attached.

We had so much fun, with enough stories to last us a lifetime, or at least till our next vacation, which is already in the works. I’m excited to continue traveling  and exploring as much as I possibly can with my boys. Creating a lifetime of laughter and memories.



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