EZPZ fun!

I have always been a fan of baby led weaning since L started eating solid foods and sitting at the table with the family to eat too. I also did not want to spend, which I some parts have told me, hours feeding him as he got older, because well, I have things to do and I had to eat myself too.  L is in love with his ezpz mat (aff. link). I honestly wish I purchased this mat sooner when I saw it on Shark Tank! This mat is a game changer!

It’s 100% silicone, BPA, PVC and phthalate free, dishwasher safe (even though I found it quite easy to clean, just rinse it with soap & warm water), hypo-allergenic, it doesn’t harbor bacteria (awesome because L already brings in a ton, we don’t need anymore) and it doesn’t ware! How awesome is that! It sticks right onto our counter tops & tables, so no more accidently spilling bowls or plates, and no more occasional bowl and plate tosses on the floor when he decides he’s done eating. We even purchased a little mat for his “friends” to eat with him too!

Here’s a link for 10% off till July 16th if you have not purchased your mat yet, go get it! Promise you will love it as much as we do!


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