Several weeks ago my 3 year old came home from school letting me know he wasn’t going to be coloring with pink crayons anymore. I asked why. His response, “pink is for girls and blue is for boys.” We talked about it briefly and I told him he could like whatever he wanted, and that was that.

A couple days later we celebrated Mother’s Day at his preschool. They planned an adorable “spa day”. My sweet boy greeted me with cucumber water, a relaxing hand massage, and a colorful manicure. My heart must have melted a million times over.





When he was done painting my nails he asked, “now my turn mama.” Without hesitation I said, “okay, lets do it!”

Half way through I noticed a little boy starring at us with a weird look on his face.

“What are you doing?”

No response. We just went about our business having fun.

“Don’t you know that’s what girls do?”

Still no response, we kept doing our thing.

“Don’t you know only girls paint their nails and like pink?”

I waited to see what one of his teachers would respond with.

“Well, boys can take care of themselves and paint their nails clear.”

Not the answer I was hoping for. I looked at both boys and explained it was okay if some boys liked to paint their nails with their mama’s and if some boys didn’t, and that pink wasn’t just for girls, anyone could like the color pink, and it wasn’t nice to make anyone feel bad for liking certain things.

His teacher looked at me confused.

Let’s not make this more than what it is. My kid simply wanted to have fun with me. He loves painting and coloring, and our nails were just another blank canvas.

I left with mixed emotions that day. I was saddened my sweet boy was slowly being tainted by the world and made to feel bad for doing something he liked. But so proud he ignored the little boy, and kept doing his own thing. He’s always marched to the beat of his own drum. He’s been my little weirdo since I can remember, and I’ve always embraced this about him.

If there is one thing I promise to do as mom it’s to love, support, and encourage my boys unconditionally. My hope is to raise strong, confident, kind hearted, gentle men that will one day be loving husband’s and father’s. So if that means letting them paint their nails pink for now, then so be it.


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