Fun with Food Color

This little activity kind of started on a whim. L saw some food coloring we left out from making homemade play-doh the other day, so he started to open the tops while I was washing the dishes. So, I quickly filled some little containers I had in the sink with water, gave him a spoon and he went at it on his own. It was something so simple, but he was so fascinated by the colors mixing and transferring the water between the cups.


  • food coloring
  • small containers
  • spoon
  • paper towels

I let L squeeze drops into his water to mix it up. I used a paper towel to wipe up some water and he decided to use it for his little project instead. So, if you need a fun simple little project to keep the little ones occupied and focused so you can get some things done, this might be a good one!


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