“Nurse on, Mama…”

Confession – I’m still nursing my 2 1/2 year old… Of course, I get all kinds looks & opinions everywhere from friends & strangers… good & bad. I get questions like:

“He’s still breastfeeding?! Why?!”

“Isn’t he too old to be breastfeeding still?!”

“When are you going to stop?”

Regardless of what anyone says, I am damn well proud of our breastfeeding journey and how far we have made it because breastfeeding is tough & demanding, but is also rewarding to know I’m nourishing & comforting my little one.

I was sitting in my Chiropractor’s office the other day waiting to get adjusted. L did not nap all day & was heading toward meltdown status. He was snuggled up nursing, watching Dinotrux on my phone, & I had my hoodie draped over him.

A pregnant lady came in & sat next to us.

About 5 minutes later she says, “At first I thought you were nursing under there!”

A little part of me felt embarrassed because I didn’t know what she was going to say next. It still does not seem to be the “norm” for mamas to be nursing their little babes in public, let alone see a 2 1/2 year old nursing in public, let alone someone actually say something about it. It is kind of hard to be “discrete” when he’s more than half the size of me.

Then, I proudly said “Oh, I totally am!” & let out a little laugh. & said “I know he’s 2.5 & still nurses. I’ve tried the weaning thing, even spent a week & the half when we were in the hospital not nursing, but he’s honestly just not ready.”

She said to me “I wish I was still nursing my little guy, he’s about the same age. We had to stop back in March & it was hard on both of us. But, I miss it. I think it’s really sweet that your little boy is still nursing. So, nurse on mama!”
I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to hear. That there are other mamas out there who are breastfeeding beyond what society looks at to be the “norm”. I am glad we are trying to “normalize” breastfeeding again and it is not being looked at as something mothers should not be doing beyond a certain age or being shamed for it, but people to begin embracing it and supporting it.


2 thoughts on ““Nurse on, Mama…”

  1. ❤ this on so many levels!! As you know Cataleya is only 10 months and I find myself tounge tied when I get approached. Preparing in my head a defense and then relieved it's really just support ☺️


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