Monday Night Vibes

  Let's face it, Monday's tend to be a little rough.  No matter how positive or ambitious my goals for the upcoming week are, Monday morning 6am, somehow always manages to sneak up on me with a vengeance. It's a sick joke I have yet to learn to laugh at. Lately, I've been getting into … Continue reading Monday Night Vibes


“Nurse on, Mama…”

Confession - I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old... Of course, I get all kinds looks & opinions everywhere from friends & strangers... good & bad. I get questions like: "He's still breastfeeding?! Why?!" "Isn't he too old to be breastfeeding still?!" "When are you going to stop?" Regardless of what anyone says, I am … Continue reading “Nurse on, Mama…”